Hotel with (Art-)History

History, Art, and Swiss Hospitality: Hotel Adler Zürich.

Our hotel is part of the city’s history and vice versa. Our history dates back 500 years. The painted glass windows – probably as a sign of the close link between the nobility and the government. This meant that it could not be seen from outside how gentlemen conducted themselves while playing at cup and dice in a public house.

Today, no visit to Zurich is complete without sampling Swiss specialties, such as cheese fondue, in our restaurant Swiss Chuchi. While sitting outside you might wonder why tourists take pictures of the hotel. Just look up and you know why: our cow Heidi stands on the balcony overlooking the square.

Our history has always been tied to art. Famous Swiss painter Rudolf Koller has spent his childhood here in the 1830s, while his father was running the hotel. People with animals passing by inspired him to paint these scenes on the walls.



  • Installation of individually regulated air condition in each room and the windows can still be opened at any time


3 Star Superior

  • The Swiss Hotel Association classified Hotel Adler as a three star superior hotel.


Sale & Imporvement

  • Renovation of all hotel guest rooms. The owner’s family sold the Hotel Adler Ltd to a Swiss Hotel Company. Chairman and CEO of Hotel Adler Lts is a well-known Swiss hôtelier


Stand-up bar for dogs

  • Stand-up bar for dogs on the outer wall of the Adler in memory of Rudolf Koller, who painted straying dogs in the Niederdorf


Heinz Blum

  • Heinz Blum paints both banks of the Limmat of the old town on the walls of the roofed passage to the Rosenhof


Book Publication

  • Book publication “Zurich viewed from the Adler” – Documentation of 6 old-town walks, illustrated with photos of the murals of Heinz Blum von Heinz Blum



  • Heidi, the hotel cow, moves to the balcony on the 1st floor and becomes a well-loved photo subject sujet


Total Renovation

  •  Total renovation. The fondue parlour becomes the Swiss Chuchi restaurant with Swiss specialities. Heinz Blum brings the history of the Zurich old town to all of the 52 hotel rooms and paints the atmospheric Adler courtyard, an imaginary Zurich inner courtyard, on the inner walls over several floors


Family Nietlisbach

  • The Nietlisbach family acquires the antiquarian bookshop “Zum guten Buch”



  • The owner’s family, a lover of the paintings of Rudolf Koller, buys the Hotel Adler



  • Reconstruction of the Adler and creation of the Rosenhof inner courtyard. Mentioned for the first time as a fondue parlour. Over 60 years old, it is the oldest fondue restaurant in the old town of Zurich 

Um 1900

Drinking Dive

  • Drinking dive with “flophouse” in the attic, a hostel for riff-raff and vagrants


Rudolf Koller

  •  Rudolf Koller spends his childhood in the Hotel Adler. He observes the animals of the waggoners, which are kept in the stables of the Adler. He scribbles his first sketches on the walls of the house and later becomes a famous Swiss animal and landscape painter



  • Council donates a painted glass window to the Adler – probably as a sign of the close link between the nobility and the government. This meant that it could not be seen from outside how gentlemen conducted themselves while playing at cup and dice in a public house


Public House

  • Adler hotel developed from the feudal public house, nobility lived in the vicinity


Oldest Public House

  • First mention as a public house. Over 560 years old, it is the oldest public house in the old town of Zurich


First Mention

  • Mentioned in documents for the first time, as a hereditary tenure of the Fraumünster Abbey with an obligation to keep horses for the military, later inhabited by town clerk and judge, goldsmith and tailor

Our Location

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Hotel Adler Zürich

Rosengasse 10
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Our front desk is available 24/7

Swiss Chuchi

Rosengasse 10
CH-8001 Zürich

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