Since time immemorial, Zurich has been the gateway to the Alps and the cultural centre of Switzerland. Countless artists, explorers and revolutionaries have characterised the largest Swiss city. At the outflow of Lake Zurich, lying on the river Limmat, Zurich offers a unique mix of experience, enjoyment, nature and culture: Enjoy the shopping, art in over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries, the colourful night life, the hugely varied cultural programme and the green oases by the water in the city centre.

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Stadtrundgang Vom Bahnhof zum Hotel Adler

City Tours

Inspired by the murals in the Hotel Adler, the Rosenhof Passage offers you the ideal starting point for a tour of the city: Heinz Blum painted the walls of the roofed-over passage with the old town of the left and right banks of the Limmat. So you can enjoy the famous sights of Zurich in miniature from the river perspective, without getting wet when it rains.

Explore Zurich through selected city tours, which the book “Zurich viewed from the Adler” invites you to take in a series of exciting trips of discovery through the inner city.


Zurich truly never gets boring. Particularly for art lovers, the city is the place to be. Zurich is the home of more than 50 museums and over 100 galleries.

Hotel Adler Zürich is within walking distance of all major sights and only a few minutes away. Our team is happy to share its tips with you.


According to legend, Emperor Charles the Great first founded Grossmünster, when he discovered the graves of the Zurich city saints Felix and Regula there. In 1519 Huldrych Zwingli came to Grossmünster and made Zurich the starting point for the Reformation in German-speaking Switzerland. 187 steps lead up to the Karlsturm, which offers spectacular views over the roof terraces of Zurich and Lake Zurich itself, across to the snow-covered Alps on the horizon.


The Hotel Adler was first mentioned in 1357 as a hereditary tenure of the Fraumünster Abbey. The Fraumünster abbess was actually not only the ruler of the town, but also had the rights of customs, marketing and coinage. Discover the impressive choir windows by Marc Chagall: He felt this church to be a holy place and created a colourful work of art. His choir windows show the path from people to God, the rosette represents the story of the Creation.


From the stinking cesspool of the city fortification ditches to the best-known Bahnhofstrasse in the world: The Zurich Bahnhofstrasse connects the main rail station with Lake Zurich. Here you can find everything that the modern shopper’s heart desires. International labels, watches, jewellery. With the memorial to Alfred Escher, for whom Rudolf Koller painted the Gotthard Post, the end of the Bahnhofstrasse commemorates another famous citizen of Zurich: Escher instigated the building of the Gotthard Pass and laid the foundations in Zurich for rail travel, research and commerce.

Zurich West

If you are looking for urban Zurich design, you are right on the money in Zurich West. Where the machines of textile and gear-wheel factories once clattered during the Industrial Revolution and where beer has been brewed for over 100 years, new life is now appearing behind the old factory walls. Creative accessories, urbane clothing, innovative gastro concepts and a wide variety of concerts and parties fascinate in this upwardly-mobile quarter of the city, where Zurich’s new skyline is currently being created. 

Foto von dem Fraumünster in Zürich
Shopping Zurich


Watches, jewelry, fine silks and high-carat fashion labels: Zurich spoils you with top brands and unique souvenirs. For a little refreshment during the day or the ideal gift to take home with you, Zurich also offers a range of sweet temptations, such as hand-made truffles or “Luxemburgerli” macaroons.e.

Image provided by Zürich Tourismus.


Enjoy the surroundings of Zurich and the most beautiful mountains and lakes of Switzerland. We are the perfect home base for you to discover the whole country. 


At 871 metres above sea level, Zurich’s own mountain offers breathtaking panoramic views over the roofs of Zurich, Lake Zurich and the snow-covered Alps on the horizon. In summer, the Uetliberg is a walkers’ and mountain-bikers’ paradise. In winter, when the walking paths turn to sledging pistes, Zurich’s own mountain becomes a winter-wonderland. Approach by S-Bahn Line10, the steepest standard-track adhesion railway in Europe. Or on foot, via Denzlerweg or Laternenweg from Albisgütli (terminal station, Tram Line 13).

Day trip to the Titlis

The world’s first rotating cable car carries you to the snow and permanent ice of the Titlis, 3020 metres above sea level. Here it always seems to be winter: The ice grottoes with their ice sculptures dazzle the eyes. With the modern Ice-Flyer glacier chairlift, you hover directly above the glacier cracks and snow slides invite you to icy pleasures. Approach by train via Engelberg or by coach from the Sihlquai bus park with sight-seeing in Lucerne.

You can book these and other day excursions with Zürich Tourism.


Take a trip to the Zürichberg to see elephants, lions, penguins, bears, fishes and many other animals. Watch feeding time, enjoy the animal presentations or take a tour through the experience and treetop paths of the Masoala rain forest in the tropics: You will encounter monkeys, flying foxes, tortoises – with the constant accompaniment of whispering, squeaking and screeching animal voices. 
Zurich’s rainforest is tropically warm, even in winter. Here you can find the causes for the disappearance of the forests and obtain more information on protection projects. www.zoo.ch

Rundfahrt auf dem Zürichsee

From Bürkliplatz you travel by ship along the entire 28 kilometre long Lake Zurich. While the outline of the city behind you becomes smaller and smaller on the horizon, the villages on shore, with their villas and vinyards, come into view. Boats sail on the wind across the water, along the shore white swans roam and the Alps on the horizon come closer and closer. Small round trips from 1.5 hours daily and larger round trips from 4 hours to Rapperswil. The offering is completed by theme trips such as the Friday Dance Ship or the Murder Mystery Ship. Travel schedule: www.zsg.ch

Foto von Zurichsee
Zurich Prime Tower

Zurich Rolls

Bicycles, children’s bicycles and electric bikes can be borrowed free for the day* in Zurich. Simply look for the nearest loan station, show your passport, leave CHF 20.- as deposit and off you go! And by the way, you can return the bicycles at any loan station, regardless of where you obtained it from.

The all-year-round loan stations at the main rail station – the Velostation North at the Landesmuseum and the Velostation South at the Sihlpost – are open every day from 8.00am – 9.30pm. In summer, it is only a stone’s throw from the Hotel Adler in the old town to the Bellevue loan station, open from May – October, 9.00am – 9.00pm.

*Exceptions: Electric bikes, CHF 20.-/day 
Overnight loan, CHF 10.-

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